Genie Enterprise CEO and CTO featured in Chemanager

Posted by admin at 3:54 AM on Feb 12, 2021



We are excited to share a recent big milestone for our Genie Enterprise. Our CEO Regina Kessler and CTO Thomas Kessler were recently interviewed for a full length feature article in Chemanager, a leading German media and digital information hub for managers in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Chemanager took particular interest in Genie Enterprise because of the dedication the company has to creating data driven solutions that model highly specialized human expertise. 

Genie Enterprise is a woman led tech startup specializing in Artificial Intelligence and in creating practical solutions to important real world problems. Social Responsibility and a commitment to the enviornment are important core values that guide the business. CEO Regina Kessler explains that bridging the gap between reseach and real world problems is best approached with an open mind and a broad international scope. Genie Enterprise, she explains, leverages German innovation with a eye on the global market, currently focused on the US, but with plans to expand in the near future. Genie Enterprise is also committed to advanicing research in the field through partnership with top universities and research institutes. 

The article is in German. There were many insightful moments in this interview that we will be sharing a few quotes on our Blog in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.