Genie Enterprise goes live with its first own product

Posted by admin at 6:21 AM on Jul 29, 2020



Genie Enterprise goes live with its first own product - A revolution in online wine retail is on its way

Besides providing state of the art custom solutions and services for its clients, Genie Enterprise also develops its own software products. WineGenie has been the focus of the development team for a long time to showcase the application of AI in wine, which is unarguably one of the most complex fields when it comes to digitizing human perception since it is highly individual snd involves all human senses.

Château du Bordeaux - an established German retailer for fine wine and specialized in Bordeaux - decided to go live with Genie Enterprise’s WineGenie product. This is a major step to roll out this Personal Digital Sommelier in a larger market.

Online Retail was already becoming more and more important for Château du Bordeaux in recent years, but the COVID-19 crisis and the lockdowns made this topic even more urgent. However, not being able to make targeted recommendations that are customer specific as you could in a traditional brick and mortar, was a major issue.

WineGenie is a high tech wine recommendation system based on the wine drinker’s individual taste profile. A sensitive taster is not going to like the same wine as someone who loves intensity of flavor. Since each customer is unique, WineGenie helps them to find wines that fit their personality and lifestyle.

This groundbreaking project will help Genie Enterprise to further develop the product and get it ready for a major roll-out in the wider retail and hospitality sectors of the wine industry in the US and globally.

WineGenie is now in its pilot phase and Genie Enterprise is looking for strategic partners worldwide to further test and develop the product.

You can learn more about your unique wine personality and get a personalized wine recommendation in English language on the generic WineGenie website.