Genie Enterprise joins environmental technology network Ecoliance

Posted by admin at 9:54 AM on Aug 24, 2020


Genie Enterprise joins environmental technology network Ecoliance


Genie Enterprise Inc. is not only using AI to make things more efficient and productive, we also deeply care about the future of our planet and use our technology to make things more ecologically sustainable in a smart way. From the beginning we were cooperating with companies and academic institutions with similar goals, but recently we committed even more and took it to the next level by joining Ecoliance.

Ecoliance is an environmental technology network located in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. It connects companies, universities and research institutions, municipalities as well as municipal enterprises to a powerful and project-oriented network.

Environmental technologies are one of the cornerstones for achieving climate mitigation goals and at the same time offer great potential for future economic success and the competitiveness in almost any industry.

Without environmental technologies, a transformation towards a circular economy is inconceivable. Due to climate change, scarcity of resources and environmental pollution, society, the economy and politics are forced to create a sustainable economy.

Genie Enterprise plans to actively contribute to the network and will develop and provide solutions and products for a more sustainable future.