Membership at 5-ht

Posted by admin at 1:10 PM on Aug 12, 2020



5-HT or serotonin - the happiness hormone. The so-called 5-HT Digital Hub Chemistry & Health, of which we, Genie Enterprise Inc., have been a member since July 2020, was created on the basis of this. The 5-HT Digital Hub Chemistry & Health is part of the de:hub initiative to promote digital innovation in Germany. In other words, a network that links companies together to create innovations.


In the wake of the corona pandemic, we, too, have embarked on new paths to keep an eye on people's health. In order to find partners to support us in this, and to exchange knowledge that we already have, we were glad, that Frank Funke, one of the two managing directors, offered to become part of the network.


As they are located in the TechnologieZentrum Ludwigshafen, where we also have the offices of our Development & Research Team, we can also exchange information directly on site.


The 5-HT Digital Hub Chemistry & Health also offers a mentoring network for start ups:

Our CTO Thomas is also a member of this team and offers his knowledge in the field of Data Science & AI.

But not only mentors, also supporters, sponsors and other hubs are part of the network.


5-HT - we have already released serotonin and therefore the network lives up to its name!